Finneytown AfterProm

A parent-run organization that works to create a fun, interactive and safe environment for our students after the Prom is over. 

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April 23, 2022

The night of AfterProm

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The Context



Finneytown AfterProm is a parent-run organization that works to create a fun, interactive and safe environment for our students after the prom is over. We sell tickets at the low price of $15 each and create a contract with each attendee. The contract is an agreement that the students will be checked into the After Prom event during a one hour window after the dance, the doors will be locked at 12:30 AM and opened at 4:30 AM.

AfterProm at Finneytown is known for the quality of prizes that we give out as well as the transformation the campus undergoes. In the 36 hours prior to opening the doors, the parents decorate the rooms and hallways of the school, changing them into a themed collection of entertaining games, movies and places to eat, with other attractions as well, including a magician, caricature artist, air brush tattoos and strolling entertainers.

If you have four minutes, here is a video of one such transformation of the teachers’ lounge into The Wildcat Saloon.

How Can I Help?

Of course, all of this takes time, effort and money. Parents work all year to raise the money to put on the best event possible. We arrange dine-to-donates with local restaurants, coordinate a professional comedy show, conduct split-the-pot raffles at sporting events, set up games of chance at the Homecoming Tailgate and host a wine tasting with silent auction. Our goal as fundraisers is to offer new and fun ways to encourage individuals and businesses to participate in this end-of-year tradition.

To accomplish all of this we need support in so many ways, such as a gift that becomes part of the silent auction during the wine tasting, monetary donations to help pay for prizes, food, entertainment and decorations, or donations of items that become prizes at the event itself.

We cannot begin to pull off an event of this magnitude without your help.  Please consider giving us any type of donation to help keep our kids safe on what is one of the most exciting nights of their academic career.  You are welcome to include some type of marketing material, such as cards or brochures, that would be displayed next to your item.

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